These are logs I've had with chatGPT from Open AI. I am rather surprised that it can keep up with shared storytelling, workshopping ideas, and rewriting past ideas for quite a long while.

One thing the AI does is create a title for the log after a few volleys. Whether obvious or unusual, here they are as categorized:

  • šŸ Financial Evaluation of Organizations
    Version: chatGPT3.5
    Created: Oct 29, 2023

    Can I get the AI to estimate the relative size of two large financial organizations, and finally which is more likely to buy the other.

  • šŸ—ļø Controversial Architecture of Glass
    Version: chatGPT3.5
    Created: Jun 10, 2023

    Can I get the AI to write an essay defaming a public figure, in this example an architect?

  • šŸŒŗ Create drawing of flower
    Version: chatGPT3
    Created: Mar 3, 2023

    Iā€™m trying to write a profile description for my Second Life avatar who is an anime style robot lady with attitude.

  • šŸ˜ˆ Orc Threat Village Help
    Version: chatGPT3(.0 & .5)
    Updated: Mar 3, 2023
    Created: Mar 1, 2023

    Other people have setup OpenAI as the DM in a D&D like setting, but what if I try to play the DM and the AI has to be the player?