Kepler's Butterfly
  • chipboard 50pt
  • fabric
  • pva
  • Glowforge Aura
  • Affinity Suite by Serif
  • hobby knife

As originally concieved, the clamshell was made to look like a book, and so unlike Blue Book, this box could be opened upside down. The holder might have memorized which direction the pattern faced to be upwards, but this makes disaster more likely if handed to someone new.

The Butterfly icon on the "pages" side panel

The Butterfly on the edge informs the holder which way is correct to open the box. The holder will notice this tactile element, and want to face the butterfly upwards, opening the box in the correct orientation, avoiding an embarassing spill or mixture of it’s contents.

Color Permutations of the Butterfly Element

I employed the opinion of friends to identify strong color pairings, and after selecting several, decided the inside should be decorated with them, along with a “dedication plaque”.

This marks the first box to be numbered at the time of signing. All previous boxes were noted and numbered in respect to this one.

The box with contents and other items of my sister

The gift box held two packs of cards from a local Austin artist, stickers from another, and two sets of resin dice.